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As an amateur photographer, I am aware that I currently neither have the skills or equipment to take photographs that will sell for thousands of pounds, but as an enthusiastic learner I hope one day to produce some incredible work, the kind you see gracing the covers of magazines etc: but until then I have to rely on the equipment I have and learning what makes a great photo, in the meantime, I have out some of my photographs on my website, primarily to see what people think of them and secondly, if possible raise a bit of extra cash to go towards new equipment and software, as anyone who has looked into photography as a hobby knows, it's not cheap.

With this in mind I have put some very small fees for using my images on websites or as marketing aids, also I have included the option for printed version of the photographs, some of which I have the capability to print myself (up to A1 size) and some that I use other suppliers to produce on my behalf such as images over A1 and Canvas Prints, I have chosen to work with some very reliable partners for printing as it's important not only to get it right first time but also deliver the item on time.

I hope you like the work so far, and please, please remember to like and share any photos that take your fancy, every little helps, if you see something that you think "oooh that would look nice on my wall" either in your home or the office then please order away, I can assure you of my best commitment to getting you the very possible product at the very best possible price.